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Quick Question...

Do you feel disconnected from the world and unsure of your true purpose in life?

If so, you're not alone.

More people are feeling lost and confused than ever before.

Here's why...

Our culture has become disempowered.

And when society becomes disempowered, it has a devastating effect on the planet and our lives.

Currently, it's like we are living in a dirty fish tank!

The air quality is poor, and access to high quality food and water is becoming more and more difficult.

Mother Earth is in a state of perpetual sickness.

And it's dominated by disempowered individuals who are not serving us by making dangerous decisions out of greed and ego-driven selfish purposes.

We all know something must change!

There is a paradox at play here. We cannot expect the world to transform overnight, but it needs to for our collective and individual survival.

Yet there is another way - the only way out.

The only thing we can control is our own lives and the way we react to the world around us.

And when we turn our attention inwards and really commit to individual empowerment, we become healthy, authentic, and soul driven in our pursuits.

You Do Have A Choice

Are you willing to take the steps needed to make your dreams manifest? Are you willing to find a deep-rooted spirituality? Connect to your true nature?  

And relentlessly follow what your soul is asking you to pursue?  

You can continue being miserable in a crappy and meaningless job without purpose... 

Or here's a much smarter idea...

You can choose to put that same huge effort into something that your soul was designed for. 

We all have a unique slice of the spirit of the universe that wants to awaken, and this is called our soul.

Your soul wants you to show up, and if you do, the fruits of your life will lead you to the most beautiful of places. 

Even when it feels like the world is going to hell in a handbasket!

Personal empowerment is your solution for surviving in a dis-eased culture

Our society is sick, and it all stems from a disconnection to spirituality. 

And that leads people to feel spiritually lost and disconnected in their lives. 

But there is good news... 

You can be the solution to the problem by empowering yourself.  

Instead of blaming others or playing the victim card...

You can become a powerful catalyst and change the status quo.

Once you step up and become your fearless true self, you'll become a rebellious figure. 

Because in a sick culture...

Being healthy shows you're not buying into their paradigm, and it is an act of revolution!

Once you're empowered and connected to your authentic self, you can observe the craziness around you without identifying with it. 

It no longer has the power to trigger toxic emotions.

No matter what insanity is happening in the outside world, you'll remain a centred and calm island in the storm.

Empowering yourself can heal the world

Empowering yourself is actually a selfless act. 

Quantum physics is proving that everything is interconnected. 

And separation from others is an illusion. 

That's why when we change, the world around us changes. 

So, becoming empowered is not only for us… it is also for the thriving of current and future generations. 

An empowered person raises empowered children and is an example to those around them that positive evolution is possible. 

And this is what is necessary for our individual and collective survival. 

We have waited far too long for political leaders, corporations, and media to come to their senses and bring the positive change we so desperately need.

Now we must BE that change and it starts with you!

BUT... it's understandable if you're wondering...

"How can I empower myself in a world gone mad?"

The Secret to Empowerment is Inside You

Quick question... 

How much of your hard-earned money and precious time have you wasted searching for happiness outside of yourself?

The truth is... 

You don't need to read self-help books, meditate on a mountaintop, see a therapist, or pay through the nose for advice from self-proclaimed happiness "gurus."

You can start right where you are.

Nobody can create empowerment for you.

In fact, real spiritual teachers don't tell their students what to do or how to find bliss.

They simply give them support and guidance along the journey to discovery. 

Empowered Living offers you step-by-step guidance to discover who you truly are, and tools to build the strength and resilience necessary to navigate through life no matter how tough it gets! 

By living your most empowered life, you'll experience joy and fulfillment in every moment and finally get off the hamster wheel.

It's a lifelong process, but one which will bring you joy, purpose, and fulfillment if you are willing.

Live a soul-led and spiritually empowered life you love

Many people believe they are just meat suits who are here to get the highest paying job and keep making money to buy more material possessions that make them feel "empowered."

But that's not authentic empowerment, it's ego empowerment. 

So, they never feel satiated.

One can still be an empowered arsehole.  We've all encountered plenty of those.

Our goal is to become heart-centered and loving individuals who go through life consciously.

There is nothing in the whole world of matter that can provide you with a foundation on which to build your lives. 


Spirit, not matter, is the true reality

You may not be able to see it, or touch it, or feel it. 

You may not be able to experience its reality in the way you obtain material sensations, but it is still the master of all.

Even if you're already on the spiritual path, there are times when you are apt to overlook higher realities.  

BUT it is these eternal truths to which you must connect. 

You can only be satiated by what you truly are.

And YOU are spirit, and spirit is LOVE.

So unless you are making love with life all day long, you are deviating from your true path. 


Empowered Living will help you remember who you are, what you are, and why you are here

You'll learn how to unleash your authentic self from the less than divine side, which is immature, destructive and depletes us of our energy. 

It's in that space where I'll show you the tools to discover your authentic self and purpose in life. 

So, to move from disempowered to empowered, you first need to understand which areas are yet to mature and then create a u-turn in this area.

Sounds simple, right?

Well, it is much less simple when you lack a destination, map and compass to guide you. 

I created Empowered Living to give you a proven roadmap for an exciting journey of transformation, so you can enjoy the authentic, purposeful, and joyful life you deserve.  

My own journey to Empowered Living


Welcome!  I'm Luke Miller. You may know me from my newsletter, or perhaps you've joined a sacred ceremony in the past.  What you may not know is my story of transformation, and what led me to create Empowered Living

In 2016, I had been experiencing an intense spiritual awakening that started many years before. It started off light and fluffy, with beautiful geometric patterns during meditation. 

But as it continued and without guidance, it became somewhat difficult. 

A series of synchronistic events that led me to the Amazonian Rainforest in Peru to drink the visionary brew, Ayahuasca. It created a spiritual opening to a deeper understanding of who I am on a soul level and what I needed to do to empower myself and contribute to the world.  What I learned during that night, changed my life forever.

Since then, I've travelled across the globe.  I've sat with the Yogis in Rishikesh, learned an ancient form of Egyptian yoga and visited the jungle many times, including 30 days living with a tribe in the Brazilian rainforest.  

I've also travelled to India to integrate the experience and learn Yoga and Pranayama techniques - eventually landing in the UK and being initiated into a form of Kemetic (Egyptian) yoga called Smai Tawi.

I learned that healthy people and cultures are deeply rooted in spirituality, and they are all connected to the Earth. They live in community, and have a sense of purpose, which they are willing to continually work on for an indefinite amount of time. 

I also found somewhat of a blueprint for bringing myself into alignment, connecting spiritually and pursuing a purposeful life. A how to guide for bringing healthy culture into the dirty fish tank and allowing the disharmony to alchemize into gold.  


Empowered Living was designed to help others become empowered and find their soul's purpose in life.  It combines a unique blend of spirituality, self-enquiry, movement, sound healing, ceremony, and discipline that I know will be enormously beneficial during your own journey to empowerment. 

What clients are saying

The session with Luke resonated very strongly with me and the intuitive but often vague ideas about my mission and life purpose. Many aspects were reaffirmed, got clearer or more concrete, and even some new possibilities came up. Luke is a very authentic, practical, and down to earth guy who only speaks out of his own experience or intuitive insights and puts it into context. All in all, a very sound, consistent and pleasant experience

- John-Oliver Breckoff

Thank you so much for your time and honesty Luke. I was surprised at how open I was, which is a testament to your kind and loving nature.

It felt really good to open up and talk about stuff which has been locked away for a while. I even linked some things as we were speaking. 

- Phil Diggs


Empowered Living - Intensive




Week 1: Ground

Optimize your daily routine. Discover your why. Learn how to create a sacred space.

Week 2: Discipline 

Learn to power of discipline. How to rest. Where you are on the wheel of Life.

Week 3: Laughter and Wildness

Introduction to the Archetypes. Meet your inner joker. Become antiquated with your wild side.

Week 4: Warrior of the Heart

Build a relationship with nature. Parent your inner child. Meet with your inner warrior.

Week 5: Shadow Work

Discover why you are suffering. Retrieve soul fragments. Learn to be fluid.

Week 6: Take Control of Your Destiny

Learn to live with the seasons. Optimize your lifestyle for purpose. Find your own powerful routine.

Empowered Living Intensive


Take a peak inside...


By the end of the course you will...

  • Gain a deeper understand of your soul's purpose and why you are here
  • Unleash your true empowered nature 
  • Know yourself as a spiritual being and learn to integrate with the physical body
  • Set up your space for sacred ritual and ceremony 
  • Become acquainted with the mysteries of the universe and life
  • Discover powerful spiritual techniques for guidance
  • Learn powerful rituals and ceremonies to use as spiritual tools
  • Meet and connect with your soul family and like-minded community

You will also learn... 

  • To show up as the best version of yourself
  • Understand archetypes and which ones to work on
  • Experience true wholeness for the first time
  • Participate in transformational ceremonies 
  • Get rid of self-sabotaging patterns
  • Learn how to be disciplined on the spiritual path
  • Understand the wheel of life and which stage you are at
  • Know how to communicate with your soul
  • Find wholeness of mind, body, and spirit
  • Tune into the natural laws of the Universe
  • And much more

My course will help you create a life of soul-driven purpose, magic and meaning

Even in a world gone mad!

Empowered Living is a life-changing 6-week course designed to answer the question “Who Am I?”. 

The course is motivated by this question with the understanding that once we truly know ourselves, we become empowered and enjoy a happier and more fulfilled life. 

During the 6 weeks, we will explore your spirituality, how this connects to your humanness and your unique gift you can give to the world. 

We will also delve into connecting to higher realms beyond our humanness, and effective ways to harness this powerful energy.

To become authentically empowered is a commitment.

But if you are willing, the rewards are huge!

The fruits your life will produce, will be infinitely abundant - spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially. 

Your relationships will flourish. Community will arise and your life will provide all that you need in every moment.

By becoming empowered, we unleash our true selves, we meet our tribe, and people start to support our mission! 

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You'll discover your soul's unique purpose for being here

Once you know your true purpose in life, every decision you make becomes geared towards the answer.  

There are many layers to this question:  Who am I spiritually? Who am I as part of the collective? Who am I as an individual?  

Each day we will be combining spiritual practice and discipline.  Through rituals, ceremonies, meditation, and other spiritual tools, we will be getting to the root of your suffering and making peace with it. 

We will also be asking for what we want from spirit, and then acting upon the answers.

Next, we'll discover what brings you bliss and create a plan for making it real.

Discipline is necessary, as is fluidity! Discipline is the masculine principle, whereas fluidity is the feminine principle. Merging the two together in perfect harmony creates a balanced and flowing life.

The 4 major facets of the course are:

  1. Your daily routine: Designed to bring inner balance and create the space to understand who you are on a soul level. 
  2. Self enquiry: So, you can clearly know your unique slice of soul and how to use this knowledge to purposefully participate in the larger picture on the planet. 
  3. Ceremony: To ritualistically say yes to your calling. 
  4. Integration: To help ease your calling into action. 

You will be optimizing:

Your morning for health, discipline, and growth.

Your space for spiritual exploration, sacredness, and magic.  

Your mind for learning, expansion, and discovery.

Who is Empowered Living for?

This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to turn suffering into conscious, joyful living. 

Those wanting to overcome unconscious patterns that are controlling us, but we don't recognize them.

During the six weeks, we will be asking probing questions and entering altered states of consciousness to find out what is in the darkness, and what you need to do to bring it to the light. 

Once all the inauthentic 'baggage" is removed, at the heart you'll find your true self that has been patiently waiting to be released. 

You'll finally be able to focus on your dream, your soul purpose for living, and what you can put into place to make these a reality. 

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For one super low cost, you'll receive...

  • 5 Video Lessons (144 minutes)
  • 9 Written Exercises with 8 lessons
  • 7 Audio Lessons and Ceremony (4 hour)
  • 4 Archetypal Lessons
  • 4 Archetypal Transmission
  • 6 Plant Medicine Ceremonies


Join Empowered Living!

 And these bonuses to help accelerate your transformation

Bonus 1:

Letting Go: Ebook

A 66 page eBook sharing how you can tune into natural laws of the universe and let go of control. This book was written on my return from the Himalayas and is an amazing companion to go with the course.

Bonus 2:

Private Telegram Group

Exclusive private Telegram group for participants to connect.  At the end of the course, I will be I encouraging members to come away from social media, but remain in conversation with me and each other.

Bonus 3:

Blissful Audio Technology

4 meditation tracks: These are for when you want to make the practice your own. With each track performing a full sweep of the binaural frequency progressively working down to deeply restful brainwaves!

Your Peace of Mind Guarantee

If you don't experience transformational results after one year and can show you have carefully followed the exercises, let us know and we'll cheerfully refund your full purchase price, no questions asked!

Say "Yes" To An Empowered Life!