Yoda Biku -

Proposing personal empowerment as the solution to a culture in crisis. 

Mission Statement - 

 What we are doing

 Nurturing loving, spiritually grounded and skilled leaders who can inspire future leaders. Creating a multigenerational ripple towards culture where empowerment, well being, health and vitality are central to its values. 

How we are doing it 

Our innerstanding is that everything is rooted in spirituality, and so the foundations of Yoda Biku call on Bhikkhu - the Monk like mystical nature, with Yoddhā being an emphasis on the discipline and strength needed from the warrior to embody the depth of mystery. 

The cornerstones of our teachings are: 





 This is delivered through content, events and courses. 

 Integrity Statement - 

The commitment  

 The YodaBiku guiding principles are:

 Love - An energetic exchange directed towards the ideal

Love: Self Love, Relational Love and Universal Love

 Integrity - When your thoughts, words and actions are in alignment with core life affirming values

Integrity: Self Awareness, Honesty and Truth 

 Mystery - The paradoxically navigable terrain of the unseen

Mystery: Soul, Ritual and Mythology 

 Empowerment - Personal power directed towards purpose. 

Empowerment: Discipline, Leadership and Symbiosis 

 This code is the guiding compass of the Yoda Biku philosophy, and in living it we can serve our tribe with integrity. 

 Vision Statement - 

Why we are doing it 

 To facilitate the return of healthy collaborative tribal culture in modern society. Reclaiming our land, health and sovereignty, helping the planet to return to a state of harmony.

Our Ancestors Blood.

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