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Hi! I'm Luke Miller

Where to start with a bio? The attempt to sum up a lifetime of experience in a few paragraphs… I know that you know life has been far from easy, and we all have very specific nuances of our journey that only we can truly understand.

For me, my life changed significantly after doing something out of character. As a young, shy and reclusive man, in 2016 my soul called me to jump on an aeroplane and go and spend 10 days in the Rainforest in Peru. This was a moment that changed my life forever. After 5 soul stirring Ayahuasca ceremonies, I was reborn… Which led to the long and arduous task of integrating something that many spend a whole life preparing for.

My journey then took me across the globe to study Eastern Mysticism in India. Western Spiritual Alchemical practices. Deep into the Rainforests of Brazil and Peru for many months studying Shamanism. Also learning African Yogic practices from teachers in the UK. I did the full North, East, South, West of spiritual traditions and this led me to the unfortunate discovery that the medicine wheel in my home land is broken, and it is up to us to fix it.

I am a proponent of personal empowerment and believe this to be the solution to a culture that is currently deep in a crisis of identity, mythology and spirituality… This is what I teach, and would love you to read more about our mission.   


"The session with Luke was more than I could expect and definitely gave me clarity.  I’m so grateful to Luke for being a catalyst for deeper self understanding and purpose. " 

- Cynthia Codoner

"Thank you so much for your time and honesty Luke. I was surprised at how open I was, which is a testament to your kind and loving nature.

It felt really good to open up and talk about stuff which has been locked away for a while. I even linked some things as we were speaking."

- Phil Diggs

"This was a good reminder for me to take the time to keep caring for myself on all levels.  It was also nice to see how things lined up with who I am.  I found comfort in seeing that my life choices have lined up with my path." 

-- Shannon Rudko


Empowered Living Intensive

A 6-week journey to a deeper understanding of who you truly are


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